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The journey of AlpClusters2020 is about to end.

On March 18th – 19th 2015, France Clusters, the national network of French centres of competitiveness and clusters, togeeher with othe r international institutions and in association with the European Parliament, organise the ”...

Delivering Smart Specialisation and economic transformation through clusters.

How can be fostered clusters’ internationalization? How encouraging the emergence of new sectors through clusters?  How to guarantee the sustainability of transnational clusters networks?

In this video, Patrick Vuillermoz, the genral manager of Plastipolis (FR), explains the importance of Joint Cluster Strategies at international level

In this video-interview Christian Altmann, Director at Clusterland Oberösterreich, explains the importance of the European Cluster Observatory (already described in this...

In this video Christoph Reiss-Schmidt, responsible for internationalisation in Clusterland Oberösterreich (AT) explains why he believes that cluster international cooperation is crucial,...

In order to facilitate policy learning within the INTERREG IVC project ClusteriX the project partners carried out 3 types of activities for the interregional exchange of experience:

A survey was launched within AlpClusters2020 to assess the effectiveness and sustainability of a list of actions in promoting cluster internationalisation.

There are still 10 days to apply for the TELL US contest, awarding products developed in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). 

Corallia Clusters Initiative (or in short Corallia) is the first organisation established in Greece for the management and development of Innovation Clusters, in specific sectors and regions...

Active aging, green economy, smart mobility are the three emerging industries with high potential on which the European project CluStrat has focused.

300 cluster pratictioners from 60 countries took part to the 17th global conference “Creating shared value through clusters for a sustainable future”in Monterrey (Mexico) organised by...

The European Cluster Oservatory was set up by the European Commission in 2006 as an analytical tool to support policy making at European, regional and national level.

Franche Comté region will organise the 25th of novembre and infoday on european programmes for territorial cooperation, INTERREG IVB North-West Europe and INTERREG IV C EUROPE, at Franche Comté Council.

The French cluster Plastipolis will organise on the 4th and 5th of December its annual strategic seminar in Villebois (Rhone Alpes Region).

This year, the Rhône Alpes region organises within the international fair Pollutec a regional village, in order to host all regional agencies.

The Fourth European Cluster Conference, which took place in Brussels on 20-21 October 2014, represented an important occasion to discuss the latest trends and identify priority areas for cluster policy in Europe.

Veneto Region will host the Final Conference of the EU project ClusterPoliSEE (South-East Europe Programme).

The AlpClusters2020 final conference took place on the 22nd October in Salzburg (AT).

The AlpClusters2020 partners participated to the Alpine Space Launch Conference on 21-22 October in Salzburg (AT) together with other 400 people.

Eric Demierre, Manager of the Energy & Construction Cluster in Fribourg (CH), presents the internationalisation experience of the...

The second round of Alpcafé organized by PST-FR, Swiss partner in AlpClusters2020, was combined together with an Interreg presentation of the new Alpine Space Programme for the 2014-2020 programming period.

PST-FR, the Science and Techology Centre of the Canton of Fribourg, is a Cluster Initiative supported by the Swiss New Regional Policy. It has initiated and supported three clusters:

The Italian national conference of the program ALPINE SPACE 2007-2013 took place on October, 2nd, in Brescia.

Internationalisation of SMEs as cluster member through cluster services was the topic of the 2nd AlpCafé organized at 29.09.2014 by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum in Stuttgart.

Andreas Winkler, Area Manager at TIS Innovation Park in Bolzano/ Bozen, explains how the agency supports companies that want to expand to new markets.

Gian Angelo Bellati, General Secretary at Unioncamere del Veneto, explains what services the Chambers of Commerce and Industry can offer to companies and clusters.

On the 29th of September 2014, experienced Cluster Managers and regional policy representatives from Baden-Württemberg gathered in Stuttgart for the second round of AlpCafé.

Tiziana Dell'Olmo works in the Directorate of Strategic Planning, Regional Policies and Building of Regione Piemonte and has a strong experience on transnational cooperation.

During the final conference of the European project Clustrat (Central Europe), Professor Roberto Grandinetti (Padua University) was interviewed on how this project affected the regional cluster strategy.

Innovation in the healthcare sector is important: be part of it! 

The bioPmed Innovation Cluster has launched the "bioPmed award", a competition that promotes R&D projects regarding 'Health' developed by piedmontese companies.

The European Commission’s Enterprise and Industry Directorate General has announced that the 5th edition of the Cluster Manager Award is now open.

The transition period before the adoption of the new tool aimed at supporting cluster development in Veneto Region has now ended.

An interview to Daniel Gottschald, manager of Chemie-Cluster Bayern, to discover the best practice of the Jiangsu International Technology Center, in China.

Innovation to market is a path, based on an idea of knowledge and collaboration promoted by 8 clusters of the Piedmont Region, in Italy. It aims to create a network of companies and research organizations to:

In the frame of the Alpine Space project called OpenAlps, CSP proposed on the 11th of September an interactive training session on the subject of Open Innovation, dedicated...

The second round of the Alpcafè in Rhône-Alpes took place on the 8th of September, in the Matériautech of Plastic Eco Design Center, in Lyon.

A workshop on renewable energy and mountain environment will take place on October 3 in Verbania, co-organised by ENERMHY, a Piedmontese Innovation Cluster composed by a group of independent companies (small, medium and large companies, including...

The fourth edition of the European Cluster Conference will take place on October 20-21 in Brussels.

The new EU Cluster Portal has been launched by DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission.

On the 23rd of September a workshop will take place in Brussels to debate on the next EU agenda on cluster excellence and to identify additional activities which might be worth to explore and implement both at policy and operational level.

On October 20th 2014, the European Commission’s DG Enterprise and Industry will organize a cluster matchmaking event in Brussels.

The final conference of the EU project CluStrat will take place in Venice on the 18th September, 2014. The theme of the conference is "New cluster concepts for cluster policies in Europe".

We asked to Piero Cavigliasso, ex-cluster manager at Proplast, what cluster internationalisation means and how it can be..., a cluster with a strong experience in terms of research, innovation and development, strongly believes that the challenges of the future pass through the opening, exchange and comparison with other...

Thanks to the participation of the Cluster MESAP (Mechatronics and Advanced Production Systems) in the European project "...

Organized by Clusterland Upper Austria, the 6th Cluster Academy, will be held in Linz, on 25-28 November 2014 and will focus on how to build up and successfully manage cluster organizations.

Prof. Alessandro Minello, CEO at KIBS Treviso, explains the importance of institutions in promoting internationalisation.

Marco Piunti of bioPmed (the Italian innovation cluster dedicated to healthcare related products and services), explains the internationalisation... is an association of companies, consortiums and research organizations founded in 2009 with the aim to promote industrial competitiveness through a...

Regione Piemonte has funded the fourth annual programme on innovation clusters, which assigns a contribution of more than EUR 10 million to support 35 projects in the various branches of specialization.

There is time until October 31st to apply for the Innovation Express call supporting SMEs internationalisation through cluster initiatives.

The second round of the Alpcafè in Piemonte took place on the 17th July, in the premises of Regione Piemonte, in Torino.

Antonella Venza, cluster manager at Luce in Veneto (Veneto Lighting Cluster) is interviewed on her experience related to cluster...

On the 16th of July, 14 cluster managers and stakeholders participated to the second round of Alpcafé organised by Veneto Innovazione in Venice.

Chemical clusters and plastics converting clusters met in Munich on July 9th to facilitate co-operation within cluster networks.

Is your company starting business abroad? What about extra-european business etiquette? Have you ever wondered how is business culture and negotiation process in South Korea for example?

The 3rd International Polymers Congress will take place on the 29th and 30th Ocotber 2014 in Schloss Puchberg, Wels (Austria).

Dr. Ing. Petra Püchner, Managing Director at Steinbeis Europa Zentrum (DE), explains why we need new cluster structures combining different sectors (meta-clusters).

In Piedmont the importance of clusters is recognised by the Regional Government.

The Interreg IVC project ClusteriX aims to enable regional authorities to identify, analyze and explore the potential of strategic future cluster development through the...

Olaf Hartmann, Eureka National Project Coordinator in Austria, in this video explains why the Eureka network is important for clusters internationalisation.

On June 12, 2014, the Environment Park in Turin hosted a workshop dedicated to the new Eu Programme...

Lars Holstein, cluster manager at Satellite Navigation Berchtesgadener Land, explains which are the main challenges for a cluster operating on an international scale!

Elisabetta Schena from ERAI explains what are the main opportunities and the main barriers of cooperating with extra-EU countries and why clusters are important in this respect....

We all assume that networking helps companies on their way to innovate more effectively. Academic research also supports this assumption.

After the success of the 1st CESBA SPRINT Workshop in Hochhäderich (Austria), the 2nd CESBA SPRINT...

Elisabetta Schena from ERAI is interviewed by Caroline Pin from Plastipolis on transnational cooperation.

All the Pechakucha presentations of the ALPCLUSTERS20X20 workshop are now available!

Interested in knowing more about the projects presented in Linz?

Fifty cluster specialists from all over Europe met in Linz (Austria) on May 14, 2014 for a workshop on cluster internationalization held within the EU project AlpClusters2020 (Alpine Space Programme).

During our project meeting in Linz we took time to have a look at our first analysis of the feedback we got from the 650+ projects partners of the Alpine Space programme.

Markus Berchtold-Domig (NENA-Network) explains the main opportunities of international cooperation for the building sector and what kind of support would be necessary...

Patrick Ansbacher, project manager at B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH, presents an innovative service for SMEs developed within the EU project AlpEnMAT (

JAM BITE (Join Advanced Meetings on Business, Innovation, Technology, Energy) is an innovative concept for events and networking activities developed within the project...


Plastipolis, in partnership with Clusterland, will organize, for the first time in Lyon, the 3rd edition of the Smart Plastics Congress.

Alain Roux, Vice-President of SISE, give his overview on cooperation and internationalization of SMEs

Pasquale Campanile, Technical manager of, explains why and how internationalisation is essential for SMEs and clusters.

A call has been launched by the European Commission to select to select six model demonstrator regions, which will receive specific advisory support by the European Cluster Observatory.

 Alberto Baldi, manager of the bioPmed cluster, explains his point of view on international cluster cooperation, even beyond the European borders.

A PechaKuchaTM workshop on international clusters cooperation is taking place in Linz (AT) on May 14.

The Alpcafés have been essential to detect the point of view of the stakeholders in the regions involved in AlpClusters2020; however, it is not enough: a survey has been launched to collect as much information as possible on the issue of...

The European Council of 19-20 December 2013 invited the Commission, in co-operation with the Member States, to elaborate an EU Strategy for the Alpine Region by June 2015.

In a such a global world cluster,  internationalization is not an option:markets are global, science is global and finally..problems are global.

AlpClusters2020 asked how is international cluster cooperation is evolving to Emily Wise.

On 19.11.2013 Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum organized an AlpCafé workshop dedicated on the discussion on the strategy for cluster internationalization in view of barriers and needs especially for SMEs.

The international conference „New cluster policies for Central Europe and beyond” aims at discussing new cluster concepts for cluster policy in Europe.

With 12 cluster managers, the Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum discussed on 19.11.2013 in Stuttgart on the subject of internationalization in a first AlpCafe.

On the 16th of January 2014 the Alps4EU final conference will take place at the “Eurorégion Alpes Méditerranée- delegation office” in Brussels.

AlpClusters2020 is innovative also in the way to involve local stakeholders to understand from their voice, which are the real needs, what has been already tested in the territory, what has worked and could be valorised and why other initiatives...

This has been the topic addressed by Marco Malacarne, Head of Unit for “SMEs: Clusters and Emerging Industries” at the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission, during the European Creative Industries Alliance...

The Alpine Space project AlpClusters2020 shall be at the intersection between the needs expressed by local businesses and the future macro-regional strategy.

On September 27th 2013 a seminar held at the Dolomiti Expo in Longarone, has focused the important issue "A macroregional strategy for the Alpine area and its potential added value for implementing Europe 2020".

Alpclusters 2020 is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund